The Reasons Behind Tooth Stains

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Tooth stains are very common, but do you ever wonder where they come from? If so, you have come to the right blog. Our dentists, Dr. Pal & Associates, would be happy to discuss the reasons why your teeth change color throughout time. Some reasons are controllable while others are not. The reasons for tooth discoloration include:

-Tooth-staining foods and drinks (Typically, if the food or drink can stain fabric, then it can stain your smile. These products would include things like coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, curry sauce, and dark berries.)

-Tobacco use (Tobacco can severely stain your smile. In fact, most teeth whitening treatments won’t be able to remove those stains. Tobacco use can also increase your chances of having tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer.)

-Age (As you get older, the tooth enamel starts to fade. Under the enamel lies a layer called the dentin, and dentin is naturally yellow. As the enamel fades, the dentin is exposed, which makes your teeth look more yellow.)

-Trauma (Sometimes if the teeth get injured, they protect themselves by laying down more dentin. Like mentioned before, dentin is a yellow color, which makes the smile the yellow shade.)

-Medications (Some medications have many side effects, and one side effect can be tooth discoloration.)

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