When you first get orthodontic treatment in Sterling, Virginia, your teeth will undergo various treatment phases. These phases include the planning and active phases to which you can expect several things to happen. In the planning stage, you can expect:

  • Medical and dental evaluations
  • The creation of a study model, which includes castings and bite impressions of your teeth
  • Panoramic X-rays that allow our orthodontist to see potential complications or pre-existing damage to the jaw joint
  • Computer-generated images to determine how specific treatments can affect the shape and symmetry of the jaw
  • Photographs of teeth in the before, during and after stage of orthodontic treatment.

The second phase involves recommending custom orthodontic devices that gently move the teeth in the correct alignment. This appliance can be removable or fixed. Whether it is the former or the latter, the orthodontist will adjust it to ensure adequate and continuous pressure on the teeth.

Phase three occurs after the teeth are aligned properly and the fixed or removable braces are removed. You will then receive a custom-made retainer to wear that ensures teeth do not begin to move back to their original positions. Retainers usually need to be worn at all times for a time period specified by our dentists.

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