Same-Day Smile Restoration

Dental crowns are versatile, natural-looking restorations that serve a key function in many restorative dentistry procedures. Crowns can restore the function and form of a damaged tooth after a root canal, top off a dental implant, anchor a dental bridge, and much more. 

Crowns are a great restoration option, but creating them usually takes weeks at a time. Fortunately, at JB Dental Associates, Dr. Bahng and her team can restore your smile in one day with CEREC crowns. Keep reading to see how same-day CEREC crowns have revolutionized restorative dentistry. 


What Are CEREC Crowns?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. CEREC crowns and other CEREC restorations are manufactured in our Sterling, VA office (chairside) during your appointment with a specially made milling machine. By eliminating the wait time for your CEREC crown, you can receive treatment quickly, saving you time, money, and maximizing your results.


How Does CEREC Technology Work?

At JB Dental Associates, one of our talented dentists will manufacture your CEREC crown by taking a three-dimensional (3-D) photograph of the tooth that requires a restoration. This image is stored in the computer, which uses 3-D CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to refine the digital model. 

Using the 3-D model, our software analyzes your tooth to approximate the shape and size of your restoration. Our in-office milling machine receives this information and carves your CEREC crown from a block of ceramic. Crafting one CEREC crown usually takes less than twenty minutes. Once your crown is crafted, your dentist can use it as part of your restorative dentistry treatment.  


Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Along with the quick, same-day turnaround time, there are numerous other benefits to CEREC crowns. Some of the additional benefits of CEREC crowns are as follows:

  1. CEREC crowns can be penetrated by X-rays, so your dentist can examine the natural tooth beneath.
  2. CEREC crowns are stain resistant, helping them stay whiter for longer.
  3. Your CEREC crown will be designed in-office by your dentist, allowing them greater control over the final product.
  4. No follow-up visits or temporary restorations are required with CEREC crowns.
  5. Fewer visits also means less time spent receiving dental care.
  6. CEREC crowns are designed to last ten to 15 years, but they can last up to 30 years with proper oral hygiene and regular dental exams.
  7. CEREC crowns are free of Bis-GMA, meaning no potential risk from the breakdown of dental composites.
  8. Your dentist won’t need you to bite into any bad-tasting material to make an impression of your teeth.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much do CEREC crowns cost?

The cost of CEREC will vary based on factors such as the state of your oral health, the number of crowns you need, the type of issue we’re addressing, and your insurance coverage. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance provider beforehand and determine whether they’ll cover some or all of the cost of your new CEREC crown. We accept many different forms of insurance and can offer financing options such as our in-house membership plan and CareCredit

Can my CEREC crowns break?

While CEREC crowns are sturdy, they aren’t indestructible. To preserve your CEREC crown, we encourage you to:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Rinse with mouthwash between meals
  • Ask your dentists about treatment options if you suffer bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Visit us for regular dental exams and cleanings at JB Dental Associates   


Quick Treatment & Stunning Restorations With CEREC Crowns

Thanks to CEREC crowns, your treatment can be completed more efficiently to save you time and money. Our talented dentists use CEREC technology to quickly create the restorations you need to feel and smile your best. 

To learn more about same-day CEREC crowns, or to schedule an appointment at JB Dental Associates in Sterling, VA, contact our office by calling 703-444-4188. You can also request an appointment online and a friendly team member will get back to you shortly.