Pregnancy and Dental Products

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There’s no time when it’s more critical to maintain your pearly whites and gums than when you’re brushing for two people. By using the right oral products, you can help your little one grow tough and healthy chompers as you save your own oral health. Use the tips below to make sure your chompers are as robust as they can be for you and your child.

TIP 1: Brush twice a day with ADA-approved toothpaste.

Brushing your pearly whites is advice that we’ve all heard, but do you recognize how it protects your pearly whites from destructive acids? While you’re brushing, the toothpaste and the bristles of the toothbrush clean your pearly whites, getting rid of bacteria and stuck food remnants. Fluoride, a naturally occurring element found in lots of toothpastes, fortifies the outer layer of your chompers, adding an additional layer of protection against bacterial acids.

TIP 2: Floss your pearly whites and gums one time per day to remove cavity-causing debris.

We know that it feels messy to many people, but we promise that as you floss, that feeling will dissipate and you’ll love the feeling you get when you get rid of lodged debris from between your pearly whites and gums. And you’ll also love your oral bill because wedged food debris are like candy to cavity-causing bacteria. Pledge to floss and never look back!

TIP 3: Use products that display the ADA seal.

The ADA is America’s largest organization of dental practitioners, and they really know their stuff. They test many dental products, and products donning their seal of approval are proven safe to use for your teeth and gums. You can look for the seal on toothpaste containers, as well as any dental products; by using products with the ADA seal, you can be certain that you’re using safe products.

Keeping these tips in mind is always imperative, and especially so when you are having a baby. If you’re pregnant, please set up your next visit with Dr. Joyce Bahng at JB Dental Associates and TMD & Sleep Center in Sterling, Virginia, by calling 703-444-4188 now so we can adjust your service plan accordingly.