A woman lying on her back on a dental chair, covered with a dental bib, while a dentist performs a dental procedure using various dental tools.

If you are in need of a deeper clean to restore your oral health, our dentist and team offer scaling and root planing to do just that. If you want to learn more about scaling and root planing in Sterling, Virginia, we welcome you to contact JB Dental Associates at 571-366-3830. We are excited to get you scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Joyce Bahng.

Scaling and root planing represent a fundamental and highly effective treatment recommended for gum disease before it reaches an advanced stage. This in-depth cleaning procedure involves two key steps:

  • Scaling: This step removes plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from the tooth’s surface.
  • Root Planing: It involves the meticulous cleaning and smoothing of the tooth roots to eliminate bacterial toxins.

The main goals of scaling and root planing are to get rid of tartar, plaque, and germs to halt the disease’s progression. Even while most scaling and root planing procedures may be done satisfactorily without anesthetic, our dentist can offer you a variety of comfort choices to make you feel comfortable. One area of the mouth may occasionally be treated during several consultations for the scaling and root planing procedure.

Additionally, this treatment can be coupled with other periodontal therapies, like antibiotic therapy. In many cases, periodontal disease can be effectively stopped in its tracks with just cleaning and root planing. Please do not hesitate to call our office if you would like more information about the advantages of scaling and root planing as well as the other periodontal treatment options we provide.