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If you are struggling with your periodontal health, we provide gum disease treatment to help you. Treating these issues will help you restore your oral health and avoid many issues that can occur if gum disease is left untreated. To learn more about gum disease treatment in Sterling, Virginia, give JB Dental Associates a call today at 571-366-3830 so we can get you set up for an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Joyce Bahng.

Periodontal disease, another name for gum disease, is a degenerative illness mainly brought on by bacteria present in plaque. If treatment is not received, the bacteria can cause the gum tissues to become inflamed and infected, leading to the eventual separation of the gums from the teeth. Gum tissue recession, tooth loss, and bone loss are all possible outcomes of untreated periodontal disease.

You might have periodontal disease if your gums are swollen, red, or sensitive or bleed readily. Other typical signs of gum disease include receding gums, which make your teeth appear longer than usual, loose teeth, difficulty eating, and persistent bad breath. Our dentist and colleagues can diagnose periodontal disease after examining our office.

Gum disease treatment is customized to meet your individual needs. Our dentist may suggest more professional cleanings, better at-home oral hygiene, antibiotic therapy, scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), or gum surgery, depending on how severe the issue is. Our goal is to stop the disease’s progression and assist you in regaining your dental health. We invite you to contact or stop by our clinic soon for more details about periodontal therapy. We are excited to take care of your smile!