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When patients experience certain periodontal issues, antibiotic treatment can become necessary. This can put you on the right path to restoring your oral health. If you have any questions about antibiotic periodontal treatment in Sterling, Virginia, give JB Dental Associates a call today at 571-366-3830. We are excited to get you scheduled for a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Joyce Bahng.

In order to treat gum disease and start the process of restoring your oral health, our dentist could advise using antibiotics. When treating periodontal disease, this antibiotic treatment—also referred to as antimicrobial therapy—is frequently a beneficial choice. It can improve your oral health when taken alone or in conjunction with other periodontal therapies.

In order to get rid of plaque and tartar from your mouth, our dentist will probably use scaling and root planing if it is decided that antibiotic gum therapy is best for you. In more serious situations, antibiotic medication may come before gum surgery. To fight germs, the antibiotics will be inserted right into the gum pockets that are affected. Amoxicillin, minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline, macrolide, and metronidazole are common antibiotics used to treat gum disease. Antibiotics like PerioChip®, ARESTIN®, ATRIDOX®, Elyzol, and Actisite are frequently used to treat gum disease.

It’s imperative that you adhere to all of our dentist’s post-visit advice. Following your treatment plan and taking proper care of your teeth will help your body repair and make your treatment more effective.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office now if you have any questions about antibiotic periodontal therapy or would like to make an appointment with our knowledgeable dentist. We can assist you!