A joyful family of three, smiling broadly to showcase their healthy teeth, radiating happiness and dental well-being.

Our dentist and team strongly suggest that our patients receive regular dental cleanings and exams every six months. This is very important step in maintaining optimal oral health! We invite you to call JB Dental, TMD & Sleep Center today at 571-366-3830 to set up your dental cleaning and exam in Sterling, Virginia, with Dr. Joyce Bahng.

A dental checkup and cleaning are two of the most basic yet important preventative care procedures that our office provides. To maintain the health of your smile, we offer expert teeth cleaning and a dental exam when you come in for a checkup. Throughout this examination and cleaning, our dental experts will:

  • Clean your teeth by eliminating any dental calculus, or plaque and tartar, as these can cause gum disease and tooth decay.
  • For a bright, healthy smile, brush and floss your teeth.
  • Look for any indications of diseases or oral problems that could be harmful when you smile.

To obtain a closer look at your smile and make sure you receive the proper dental care, we may employ dental X-rays. Maintaining excellent oral health, avoiding cavities and gum disease, and identifying any probable issues as soon as possible all depend on routine dental cleanings and examinations.

We advise scheduling a routine dental cleaning and examination with us every six months. We can recommend more frequent appointments if necessary, and we’re always available to help you in the event of an injury, pain, or dental emergency. Please contact us right now to arrange your next appointment. We can’t wait to take care of your teeth!

In addition to providing smile makeovers to residents of Sterling and the surrounding areas, we also provide the following family dentistry services in Sterling: bruxism, dental sealants, digital x-rays, home care, oral cancer screening, oral surgery, and sedation dentistry.