A woman sitting in a dental chair, smiling and holding her eyeglasses, looks towards a dentist who is holding a pen and clipboard, writing or discussing a dental procedure.

If the nerve of your tooth becomes infected, you may require root canal therapy. This procedure works to rid your mouth of the infection and to alleviate any pain you might be feeling. Contact JB Dental Associates today at 571-366-3830 to learn more about root canal therapy in Sterling, Virginia, and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Joyce Bahng.

Often referred to as a root canal, this treatment is a form of endodontic therapy typically recommended when the tooth’s pulp and nerves become infected or damaged. This can happen if an injury or decay penetrates deep into the tooth, past its outer enamel layer. When left untreated, such an infection can lead to the tooth dying and may require extraction. To save the tooth and avoid extraction, our experienced dentist will eliminate the infected and injured tissues within the tooth, cleanse it, and fill it with a medicated material. The tooth is then covered with a restoration, such as a dental crown, to restore its original shape and strength. Most often, a root canal can be completed comfortably in just one or two visits to our office.

Root canal treatments have a reputation for being painful. However, advancements in techniques, tools, and anesthesia have made the procedure relatively comfortable. Our dentist and team strive to ensure a pleasant and pain-free experience during your visits. To discover more about root canal treatments, feel free to reach out to us. We are dedicated to restoring the health of your smile.