Have You Considered MTM® Clear Aligners for Your Smile Needs?

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Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth for awhile now, but aren’t sure that you want to use traditional braces? If so, you might want to consider aligning your smile with another innovative option known as MTM® Clear Aligners. Our Pal Dental Group team is excited to offer this method for straightening smiles.

Dr. Pal and associates in Sterling, Virginia has been helping our patients straighten their smiles using this option with great success. This clear aligner system allows our team to help you align your smile discreetly so that you can continue with your normal routine without calling attention to the alignment process.

So how do the MTM clear aligners work for you? They effectively fix minor misalignments, including gaps or crowding in your front teeth. Because the aligners are removable, you can still enjoy your favorite foods without concern about harming your aligners. Not only that, but you can still clean your teeth as usual–by brushing and flossing–without worrying about disturbing the wires or brackets. In addition, your smile will benefit from your continued excellent oral care without interruption.

Another consideration for using the MTM clear aligners is that they don’t take as long to straighten your teeth like traditional braces do. With these clear aligners, you can expect your teeth to be visibly straighter between 4-6 months, something you can’t accomplish with traditional orthodontics. All you do is wear your aligners, without fail, changing them out on your orthodontic schedule, and seeing Dr. Pal and associates every 2-3 weeks to make sure your smile is aligning as planned.

Are you ready for a change in your smile? With your commitment to your alignment process, you can have the straightened smile you desire in less time than you might think. Please call 703-444-4188 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pal and associates. At Pal Dental Group in Sterling, Virginia, we look forward to helping you achieve the confident smile you deserve!