Fluoride Options for Pediatric Smiles

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These sources of fluoride treatment can provide that extra defense that your child’s smile may need to prevent cavity development in their teeth.

What is fluoride?
A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride helps to improve the strength of the tooth enamel so that it is less affected by oral bacteria. The daily process of demineralization and remineralization that teeth undergo strips away the minerals in the tooth enamel and replaces them, and it’s important for teeth to gain back minerals faster than they are lost. This is where fluoride treatment can help.

How can my child receive enough fluoride?
Many sources of water and oral care products can provide fluoride exposure. If your city doesn’t add water to its water supplies, you could look into having fluoride added to a private well. You can also receive recommendations from the dentist on fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses to not only improve your child’s dental hygiene but also help them fight cavities.

Is fluoride treatment offered at JB Dental Associates and TMD & Sleep Center?
Our team can offer professional fluoride treatment such as a varnish, gel or foam that coats your child’s teeth with a high concentration of fluoride. Your child may also benefit from prescription fluoride supplements so that their tooth enamel can remain in good health between dental checkups.

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