A Composite Dental Filling Might Be Needed to Repair a Small Cavity

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The teeth in your smile are called upon to play a variety of roles. On a functional level, they are needed to bite off pieces of the foods you eat. On a cosmetic level, the teeth in your smile play an important part in many of your facial expressions.

When a cavity afflicts one of these teeth it can impact your life in a variety of ways. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for reducing your chances of suffering undue complications and restoring your smile’s natural appearance.

If the chip is small and it doesn’t directly affect the biting surface of the tooth, Dr. Joyce Bahng might be able to repair it with a simple composite dental filling. This is a special type of dental plastic that will eventually be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

After examining the tooth and taking a few X-rays, Dr. Joyce Bahng will numb the area. Then they will use a dental drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. This leaves behind a clean surface to bond the composite material.

Dr. Joyce Bahng will shade, apply, and shape the composite dental filling before curing it with a special ultraviolet light. This will effective repair and restore the tooth’s appearance for many years to come.

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